Korte: Hard times for Scottsdale


Times are hard right now for Scottsdale.

Whether it’s the disruption caused to families because of school closures, the adjustments made for working at home, or the loss of income from businesses shutting down, this is hard.

I never thought I would see this happen in our community, but it’s happening, and now it’s time to respond as a united community.

It’s amazing to see so many of Scottsdale citizens and businesses doing their part to help out and innovate in light of the drastic changes. This will not defeat us. I believe our grit will prevail through this trying time.

I want to share a number of resources to help you through this time.

Scottsdale is a strong city and I know that this will not last forever.

Please reach out if you need any additional resources or help during this time.

Editor’s Note: Virginia Korte is a member of Scottsdale City Council.