City Council

Happy Valley development inches closer with residential rezoning


Happy Valley 18 is taking its next steps to existence after the Scottsdale City Council approved a rezoning for the 29-acre north Scottsdale lot.

The rezoning from R1-190 to R1-43 will allow for a higher density on the lot, making way for a 21-lot subdivision at the corner of Happy Valley and Alma School roads. The site will also continue to carry the planned residential development and environmentally sensitive land tags. The approval, which came on consent at the council’s May 19 meeting, also includes the development plan for the project.

Per Scottsdale City Code, a R1-190 zoning allows for residential lots to be 190,000 square feet or about 4.36 acres. Lots under R1-43 zoning drop to a size of 43,000 feet or just shy of an acre.
This change will allow the site to move forward with its 21-lot development, which works out to a density of about 0.73 dwelling units per acre. This comes in less than the one dwelling unit per acre.

City staff examined the property to see if it met planned residential development criteria, which it does. Staff examined the plan for:

  • Overall plan having a comprehensive layout, embracing the land, buildings, landscape and interrelationships;
  • Open space, circulation, off-street parking and pertinent amenities as well as buildings, structures and facilities being “well integrated, oriented and related” to surrounding natural landscape;
  • Compatibility with existing and planned land use;
  • The internal street system not being a dominant feature to the overall design;
  • Common areas and recreation areas’ locations; and
  • Architectural harmony with the community itself.

Residential developments surround the lot with Eagles Glen to the north carrying R1-43 zoning. There is R1-190 zoning to the south and west along with R1-70 to the south. Land to the east carries an R1-35 zoning. City staff anticipate the development to bring up to 200 trips per day in added transportation to the area.

Camelot Homes is the developer for the project and plans to meet the required natural open area space requirement of 10.11 acres. A wash runs through the property from northeast to southwest and the developer plans to maintain the wash but noted any modifications will come forward in the preliminary plat.

Camelot Homes also plans to have a desert scenic corridor along both Happy Valley and Alma School roads with a minimum of 50 feet from the right-of-way.

City staff did several attempts at public outreach, including hosting an open house where eight people attended. Staff received emails with concerns regarding density, views and drainage.

Brent Broaderip, a resident of Sonoran Highlands to the south of the project, expressed concerns about the height of the wall surrounding the community. Camelot Homes has the option to build a wall up to 8 feet tall on the perimeter.

“We are not against the development entirely as we recognize that Camelot is a good builder, but rather just want to be sure it will fit in with our adjacent communities and Sonoran Desert feel,” Mr. Broaderip said in written comments to staff.