Crawford: Without economic growth Scottsdale loses quality of life


I am pleased to announce I have turned in an abundance of signatures to qualify for a place on the ballot in the upcoming City Council election process.

This election, as never before will be about defining how Scottsdale moves forward through the most difficult time we have ever experienced.

Now, as never before, Scottsdale needs leadership that will resurrect our economy, reignite our development and create jobs and opportunity that will generate employment, tourism, sales tax and bed tax.

At 66, I am a “Baby Boomer” child of America’s “Greatest Generation.” I grew up in a small Colorado mountain mining town where people worked for a living. I went into business for myself in the late 1970s in Los Angeles. I survived the gas shortages of the late 1970s, the recession of the 1980s, 9/11 and the recession of 2008.

I found a way to navigate my businesses through those trying times.

Like everyone else in Scottsdale, I was enjoying the booming economy in late 2019. Unemployment was the lowest in history. The markets were at record highs.

Scottsdale was celebrating the Waste Management Open, Barrett Jackson and Spring Baseball was upon us. Our hotels and restaurants were filled. We were in the middle of a bright blue sky. Future development projects were moving forward. Then, without notice, like a “thief in the night,” it was all stolen away from us in the twinkling of an eye.

Now, we are “knee-deep” in the economic consequences of the mandatory shut down of the world’s greatest free market, private sector, capitalistic economy.

The small businesses now shuttered, are the same businesses that fund the government and make all things economically possible. In order to make a full recovery when this is over, we will need this segment to regain its health.

This campaign will illuminate a sharp contrast between those who have a history of obstructing economic growth and marginalizing entrepreneurs and builders. This illogical political effort has now suddenly lost its voice.

Scottsdale’s recovery will mandate an American “Can Do” attitude. My campaign will focus on my business experience, the developments I have worked on in downtown Scottsdale and the relationships I have forged with residents and the business community who give us our world-class medical care, shopping, restaurants, hotels and employment centers.

I will lean on my experience with city staff and elected officials and law enforcement. My campaign will be about differentiating myself between those candidates who have a history of accomplishing nothing and stopping everything and the knowhow and proven experience of how to get things done and keep Scottsdale moving forward.

If we do not have economic growth, we do not have quality of life.

Editor’s Note: Bill Crawford is a 22-year downtown Scottsdale business owner and candidate for Scottsdale City Council.