Crane: Misidentification represents my Scottsdale property inaccurately

Kush commentary gets facts wrong


My name is Carter CRANE, not “Crane CARTER.”

I am the trustee of a trust that owns the property on Winfield Scott Plaza for which a third-party prospective purchaser, Sunday Goods, now seeks to rezone for its future possible use as a medical marijuana facility after the closing of its purchase.

While Mr. Kush is clearly entitled to his opinions, I take issue with the factual inaccuracies and the ramifications such inaccuracies can have on innocent people. Mr. Kush states incorrectly that the owner and applicant is a person named “Crane Carter” who is the owner of something called The Napa Valley Marijuana Growers.

Mr. Kush apparently based this statement on a “Google search.”

I am the owner of the property in Scottsdale and am not this person “Crane Carter” as stated by Mr. Kush.

By virtue of this misrepresentation, Mr. Kush’s implication that I am a money motivated narcotics distributor named “Crane Carter” is offensive and reckless.

While my name, Carter Crane, is similar, such allegations could be wrongfully attributed to me.

I am also not the applicant --- just the seller who provided a third-party authorization to apply on its own behalf. Therefore, any activities Mr. Kush attributes to the applicant do not apply to me.

My parents built that building to house their business, Fifth Avenue Pet Shop which was established in 1958 and was on the west side of Scottsdale Road for 10 years before moving to the Winfield Scott Plaza building in 1968.

Their business had a positive reputation and drew the Hollywood elite and Mayor Drinkwater among other influencers of the City of Scottsdale.

My wife, Dee, and I ran the business until the early 1990s. I have been a real estate appraiser from 1986 until retiring this year.

Dee and I have participated in Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce. Dee was President of the Small Business Retail Council for the Chamber and received the city’s Award for being instrumental in a publicity project called Positive Action for Quality Service.

My family has been paying taxes in Scottsdale for 61 years and I feel Mr. Kush has done us a great disservice.

I feel that Mr. Kush owes me an apology and I expect a retraction of his false statements made in his article about me.

Editor’s Note: Carter Crane is a Scottsdale property owner.