Cochill: My response to Hinchman’s ‘looking for compassion’ opinion

Posted 9/2/21

Compassion is a wonderful thing. Bravo for Ms. Hinchman to select that word in response to the COVID-19 we all face.

I wonder if her compassion extends to those of us who do not share her …

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Cochill: My response to Hinchman’s ‘looking for compassion’ opinion


Compassion is a wonderful thing. Bravo for Ms. Hinchman to select that word in response to the COVID-19 we all face.

I wonder if her compassion extends to those of us who do not share her opinions about what is real science or what is misinformation.

To compare Pfizer, Moderna, and Astra Zeneca to the polio, measles, and diphtheria vaccines is ridiculous. It took years to develop these vaccines to be certain that, one, it worked, and two, that it did not cause harm. We have trust in these vaccines as they have a long history of trial and development.

The Moderna, Pfizer, and Astra Zeneca are not true vaccines. As a nurse she knows this. In the scientific realm a vaccine is created from the actual virus and then weakened before it is then injected, to provide immunity from that particular disease for, hopefully, a lifetime.

mRNA is not that kind of vaccine, which is why we are seeing breakthrough and weakening of this injection giving way to the now Delta variant and more to come. We have absolutely no long term data on these shots or what will occur in the future to those who chose to receive them. That is a fact not misinformation.

The issues that Ms. Hinchman discusses are twofold not just compassion — her belief of science is from those medical professionals, scientists, immunologists, virologists, internists, cardiologists, neurologists that she believes. That is fine, it is her right.

The other side of this are the professionals, scientists, immunologists, virologists, internists, cardiologists, neurologists, that others like myself believe. That is our right.

I can provide names of all the above specialists that are as brilliant, informed, and accomplished as the sources that Ms. Hinchman has researched. If she is at all interested in scientific information I would encourage her to research Dr. Robert Malone, the man that developed the mRNA technology. Because some of her patients choose not to receive the shot they are dismissed as misinformed, invoking religious freedoms and yes… implanted devices as a way of dismissing them.

I can assure you that I do not fit into any of those categories. Is this compassion we hear?

To imply that those of us who do not share her beliefs or trust in her sources are a danger to continuing COVID is grossly arrogant. My goodness, a shirt that conveys a belief is an abomination to her. What if it read “Masks and Mandated Vaccines” Those who believe that masking children is harmful to their immune systems, to their interaction with people that they cannot view, and that they have an extremely low risk that, if infected will die, are accused of not being compassionate to those whose children are masked. Shameful.

And by the way, the teachers are now doing what most service industry people have been doing for months and months. The teachers are not hero’s but are doing their jobs that they have been ordered to do.

Maybe the anger and divisiveness comes from those, like Ms. Hinchman, that believe they are all knowing. That their research, if any, is far better and certainly much more accurate than those of us whose research tells a very different story. The Me, My, Mine, is very much a part of her life and belief.

After all it is her conclusions that are the holy grail, the rest of us are the problem. How about that patient that chooses not to get a shot, “yet will be the first in line to ask us for an antibiotic after two days of a simple cold?”

Ms. Hinchman is going to inject her child knowing what she believes to be scientifically proven. Her child has no ability to question it or object. So as a mother she will make that decision. That is her right but it is not her right to point fingers and call out those that do not share her beliefs as being not compassionate or dangerous to other children.

There is something called The Nuremberg Code which is also incorporated into the CDC regulations — maybe Ms. Hinchman needs to review it.

We are dealing with a very uncertain future, not only COVID but the freedom to make our own decisions and be heard. Might I remind Ms. Hinchman that Nancy Pelosi was in a state that closed down all businesses because people had to do their part and then was caught (“set up”) in a hair salon with no mask on.

Diane Feinstein was at an airport waiting for a private plane, no mask on. Gavin Newsom was at the French Laundry, no mask on. Last weekend Pelosi again at a large outdoor function, no mask on. Chuck Schumer yucking it up with Steve Colber at an outdoor function, no masks on.

Does Ms. Hinchman really not understand why things have gotten so angry and hostile in this country?

As Arnold Schwarzenegger so eloquently put it to those of us that differ with him “Screw your freedom.”

Editor’s Note: Bonnie Cochill is a resident of Paradise Valley.