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Carfield: Kitchen design trends for the end of 2023


As we head into the final stretch of 2023 many home design trends have come and gone. Luckily, home design trends never stop and as we head into fall a few trends are starting to take shape for the end of the year.

From cabinet styles to backsplashes, there is something for everyone looking to freshen up the look of their kitchen. With over two decades of experience in kitchen remodeling and design here are the main trends we are seeing for the end of 2023.

Cabinet styles

Shaker style cabinets will always be a go-to design for many homeowners. This year we are seeing homeowners choose sleeker, more minimalistic designs. Flat door cabinets are very much growing in popularity. These cabinets are typically smooth and provide a modern look to any kitchen. Minimalist cabinets come in many colors and styles and can be easily designed with different hardware adding even more uniqueness to the cabinets.

Full slab backsplashes

Traditional subway tile and mosaics will continue to be in style; however, many homeowners are opting for full-slab backsplashes in their kitchens. A full-slab backsplash is made from one continuous piece of stone material. Common stone used in these backsplashes include granite, marble and quartz. Full-slab backsplashes are functional due to their durability and ease of cleaning since they have no grout lines from dirt and grease to build up.

Multi-purpose areas

Many homeowners are opting to create one large living space consisting of the dining area, kitchen and living room. Outdoor areas are also being connected to the kitchen to create an open area for entertaining guests. Combining your outdoor space with your kitchen is a great idea for Arizonans since we are blessed with great weather most of the year and you can close it off when needed, such as the hot summer months.

Large windows and doors are great ways you can open your space and make it feel larger. Pass through windows are also growing in popularity, especially for people who like to entertain and be connected with the people on the patio. Instead of people being in separate areas, these ideas help bring everyone together.


Most people don’t think of wallpaper as being something they would want to use in their homes anymore. However, wallpaper is making a comeback as it comes in many design options and is much more user friendly than in the past. Wallpaper is becoming an increasingly popular design aspect in kitchens as an accent piece. We are seeing wallpaper used in pantries and on dining room ceilings to add a pop of flare to these spaces.

Unlike older styles of wallpaper, the new designs often come in three options — peel and stick, wet and apply and the traditional paste apply methods. With the first two options you no longer need a professional to come in and apply the wallpaper. You simply peel and stick the design to your wall, or you wet the backing and apply. Wallpaper is great to use because it adds a focal point to your space and is easy to clean.

As the year comes to an end, we have seen many unique kitchen design trends. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen or freshen it up many new options exist on the market for you to create the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Editor’s note: Amber Carfield has worked in the kitchen-remodeling industry since 2000. Go to goodguysphx.com.

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