Benedetto’s restaurant to add entertainment, dancing


Benedetto’s restaurant in the DC Ranch Market Street commercial shopping center is adding live entertainment and dancing to its ambiance.

A conditional use permit for live entertainment and dancing in the 3,818-square-foot restaurant at 20707 E. Pima Road, suite 200, within the Planned Neighborhood Center Planned Community District zoning district was approved on consent Nov. 25 by Scottsdale City Council.

The Planning Commission addressed the initial request on Oct. 23, according to a city staff report, noting the unanimous vote at the time for the restaurant to proceed with its live entertainment pursuits contingent on conditional use permit criteria approved by City Council.

The DC Ranch Community Council has no objections to the use as the nearest residential lot is within 500 feet of the site, which is about 400 feet to the east, and no external speakers will be permitted with the live entertainment.

Some residents who attended a July 10 open house at the restaurant expressed their concerns at the time about the possibility of noise disturbances, and parking issues, but was satisfied with hearing that the music would be kept inside the premises.

Some residents expressed excitement that a new business was coming to the location again and “bringing money into the area,” the report detailed, naming attendees and their in-person and mailed-in comments.

Patrons will be able to dance within 286-square-feet of designated space inside while enjoying the entertainment of a DJ and live band performances, according to the report.

However, the zoning specifies that alcohol consumption cannot exceed 30% of the total floor area and the total dancing floor area cannot exceed 7.5% of the total gross floor area.

Plus, all doors and windows must be closed during the live entertainment. Any external speakers on the patio should be turned off during the live sets, the report noted.

And, noise from the establishment must abide by the city’s noise ordinance laws.