Anticipated Old Town Scottsdale development spurs additional sewer capacity

Easement dedication makes way for upgrades at 1960-era facility


Two agreements related to Scottsdale sewer were approved by City Council officials in the latest municipal consent agenda.

On May 19, Scottsdale City Council approved two resolutions relating to the underground conduit for carrying off drainage water and waste matter:

  • A sewer line easement dedication from the Maricopa County Flood Control District within the Indian Bend Wash, south of Curry Road in Tempe; and
  • A construction phase services contract authorizing a Construction Manager At Risk with F Contracting, Inc., in the amount of $1,762,913, for an Osborn Road parallel sewer main project.

The first resolution for the sewer line easement will allow for needed improvements to an existing sewer line, according to a city staff report.

The Princess Metering Project will provide enhanced system upgrades to the city’s existing sewer line, which was installed in the mid 1960s. The project is located within the Tom Hontz training facility in the City of Tempe; it will reconstruct existing station while also providing permanent bypass piping allowing for the operation of the sewer system if, and when, the metering station is taken offline.

Through recent review of the project details, it was discovered that a section of the existing sewer line that was constructed in the ‘60s was placed within property owned by the county flood control district, not protected by an easement. Maricopa County has agreed to grant the easement for the sewer line to Scottsdale at no cost, the staff report stated.

The second sewer-related resolution is a part of the city’s Osborn Road Parallel Sewer Main - Bishop Lane to Miller Road project.

The purpose of the action is to authorize the first Guaranteed Maximum Price contract award for construction services. The scope of the GMP is for work from Drinkwater Boulevard to Miller Road, a city staff report stated.

In all the project will span Bishop Lane to Miller Road, carries a projected construction cost of more than $3.5 million.

“With the recent approvals of higher density development throughout the downtown area, the city’s water resources planning department has identified a need to increase Osborn Road’s sanitary sewer capacity from Bishop Lane to Miller Road,” Project Manager Joe Phillips stated in the staff report.

“The construction of the new parallel and upsized sewer line will increase the ultimate sanitary design capacity from about 1.2 MGD to about 3.2 MGD thus meeting the requirements for development that have been approved within the last two years.”

This project will also provide additional capacity for anticipated future growth within the adjacent area and for future growth within the upstream contributing area, to a limited extent, Mr. Phillips stated.

High density development in the Old Town Scottsdale area includes Museum Square, a mixed-use development including a hotel and four residential buildings; and the Marquee, which has been approved to be a 150-foot tall Class A office space that also includes retail. A third large, mixed-use project was approved by City Council in late 2019 for Old Town Scottsdale, but has since been canceled by the developer.

Funding for this project comes from the Capital Improvement Program. The duration of this project is expected to last 37 days, according to documentation included in the city staff report, running from May to July.

Scottsdale City Council meetings typically are held at City Hall, 3939 N. Drinkwater Blvd., however the bi-monthly meetings have been held virtually as officials practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.