Ambri: Scottsdale Education Association's support for SUSD students


When voters overwhelmingly approved renewing the SUSD budget override, I believe they sent a message: “We have confidence in SUSD.”

Now, working together, students, teachers, administrators and parents will continue to keep moving SUSD in the right direction.

On behalf of the Scottsdale Education Association and all of our dedicated teacher members, I want to express my deepest appreciation to voters. I also want to thank the Yes To Children Committee --- especially the campaign’s co-chairs Melinda Gulick and Denny Brown. They were amazing.

SEA is grateful for being able to join forces with some of the most respected groups in the city to support SUSD --- including the Scottsdale Firefighters Association, HonorHealth and the Charros, just to name a few. It was an honor being on the same team with such pillars of our community that epitomize caring.

While this is a time for celebration, there are still challenges ahead.

We look forward to continuing our collaboration with SUSD Superintendent John Kriekard. We also expect to be working closely with Governing Board President Patty Beckman and board members.

I know we all want the best for our schools, students and teachers. It’s just a matter of making sure that we continue to compare and communicate our respective goals and agendas.

During the course of the budget override campaign, the feedback we frequently heard from the community was the need for SUSD to hire an auditor. Our organization agrees. Everyone at every level of the school district needs to be accountable.

Parents need to be assured that we are providing the best opportunities for our students to excel, and taxpayers need to be confident that their investment in SUSD is fiscally prudent.

Once again, I want to thank voters for their confidence and trust in SUSD. Speaking for the Scottsdale Education Association, our members will continue our commitment to provide students with the quality education they deserve and their parents expect.

Editor’s Note: Kris Ambri teaches at Copper Ridge Middle School and is president of the Scottsdale Education Association.