Outstanding checks to Johnson Utilities vendors, contractors have been paid, AZ Corp. Commission told


All outstanding checks to vendors and contractors have been released and paid as of Friday, Nov. 1, Johnson Utilities LLC's interim manager, EPCOR, informed the Arizona Corporation Commission at a meeting Nov. 6.

At the commission’s last open meeting on Oct. 29, EPCOR had communicated to the commission that some checks were not being released and paid by the company’s owners, according to a release from the ACC.

Johnson Utilities is developing a finance plan to support a capital improvement plan approved in Decision No. 77330 (edocket.azcc.gov/Document/DocumentDetailDocument?documentId=260739#docket-detail-container1). The company is also preparing for its rate case with an Aug. 31, 2019 test year to be filed by Dec. 31, 2019, the release states.

All documents related to this agenda item can be found in the Arizona Corporation Commission’s online docket at edocket.azcc.gov by entering docket Nos. WS-02987A-18-0050 and WS-02987A-15-0284.

The Nov. 6 ACC open meeting was held to discuss and vote on various water, electric, gas and securities agenda items, the release states.