E-scooters ban, other regulations revised for Queen Creek parks rules


The riding of e-scooters is not allowed in Town of Queen Creek parks, retention areas or washes, according to revised regulations recently approved by the Town Council.

A regulation that had stated no person could bring into or operate a motor vehicle now states that no person shall bring into or operate any internal combustion or electrified motor bicycles, stand-up scooters or vehicles of any type.

“This edit was made to ensure rules set for the safety of our trail users can still be enforced while meeting new Arizona Revised Statutes on e-scooters,” Marnie Schubert, the town’s communications, marketing, recreation director; and Adam Robinson, recreation manager, said in a memo to the council.

The changes to the parks regulations were approved as part of a consent agenda at the council’s Nov. 20 meeting.

The park regulations were last reviewed and approved by the Town Council on Aug. 15, 2018, with the addition of fishing regulations for the lake at Mansel Park, Ms. Schubert and Mr. Robinson said.

“After a review of the park regulations, various departments --- fire, legal and planning --- found and suggested several housekeeping updates and changes,” they said.

Changes include:

  • It shall be unlawful for any person in a park, retention basin or wash to urinate or stool (changed to defecate) outside any sanitary facility provided in the park, retention basin or wash.
  • No person in the (changed to a) park, retention basin, or wash shall swim, bathe, or wade. “Legal recommended this edit to apply to all current and future parks,” according to the memo.
  • All animals shall be restrained at all times, and if leashed, leashes shall not be greater than 10 feet in length, with the addition of except within the fenced area of a designated dog park. “This edit was made to follow current dog park rules and uses,” according to the memo.