Dumanch: 'They want to double your double' in taxes


Queen Creek really needs all the new funding --- "Hey folks, look: It’s bags of cash." Love it so much we decided to ask the voters for an additional six years of tax increases?

Heck QC, the last bond is doubling your taxes --- 15% x 7 equals 105%, not counting the compounding.

Yeah, after voting to double your own taxes, heck the bond is only half-way collected.

They want to double your double. Again.

If only the Arizona Constitution had laws to prevent that.

What? Those tax increases are already against the state charter?

How do they cheat us? But, you voted for it… Two words: Home Rule. Voters tell our local governments, “Yes. Take my rights away from me. Here’s a big vote for Home Rule.”


Wait 'til everyone gets the tax increases that never stop.

Home Rule suspends your rights. Wait 'til those pesky Second Amendment gun-grabbers come. Oh, never mind. That almost never happens.

Bill Dumanch
Queen Creek