Tide Cleaners ‘lightens the load’ for first responders


Tide Cleaners sites in Phoenix will provide free laundry services to medical personnel, police officers and firefighters during the COVID-19 pandemic beginning Monday, March 30.

Since first responders are daily sacrificing their safety to ensure the health and well-being of others during the COVID-19 pandemic, Tide wants to help “lighten the load” on them and their immediate family members in the Phoenix community 

Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners businesses, locally owned and operated, will provide free laundry and dry cleaning services to medical personnel, police officers and firefighters at all Tide Cleaners locations in Phoenix, according to a press release.

Tide Cleaners, according to the press release, “hopes to provide the certainty of clean clothes to the community” to help during the time of uncertainty by inviting Phoenix medical personnel, police officers, firefighters and their immediate families to find a nearby Tide Cleaners to have personal clothes washed and dry cleaned for free.

First responders eligible for free services include paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital and medical staff, medical researchers, police officers and firefighters; and immediate family includes next of kin or people sharing the same household address.

Free laundry services are available for up to four bags per household a week until April 30, the release noted, adding that Tide Cleaners will continue to evaluate the duration of the service and best ways to lighten the load.

When Tide Cleaners reaches capacity for the day, guests will be advised if unable to accept any more loads that day and to return the following day to have laundry done, the release said.

COVID-19 exposed clothing, clothing worn while treating patients, leathers, comforters and wedding dresses are ineligible, the release detailed.

“We are proud to launch Tide Loads of Hope Powered by Tide Cleaners in the Phoenix community,” said Jenny Maxwell, Tide associate director, in a printed statement.

“The first responders of Phoenix are working tirelessly to keep our community safe. Our hope is to make everyday chores like laundry as seamless as possible and lighten the load for those at the front lines during this time.”

Phoenix-area first responders and their immediate family members should gather dirty laundry and either drive to the nearest Tide Cleaners storefront or request home service pick-up at participating locations, the release said.

Badges or a valid form of identification, such as a photo ID or picture can be used as verification even for a participating family member, noted the release.

Tide Cleaners service offers the following availability:

  • Access to 24/7 drop box for drop-off and kiosks for pick-up anytime, day or night;
  • Drive-Thru and Carside Valet – Stay in the car and a service representative will assist with pick-up, drop-off and order payment.
  • Home delivery – At participating locations;
  • Lobby – Bins available help minimize person-to-person contact. If visiting the lobby, practice CDC guidance and maintain safe distance from employees and other guests.

For more information, visit: Hope.TideCleaners.com or go to TideCleaners.com to find a laundry drop-off location.