Wolff: Peoria Unified override funds your grandchildren


As a proud Peoria Unified School District parent, I will be voting yes on the upcoming override.

Schools in Arizona are already operating on a shoestring budget, it’s embarrassing that as a community we would even contemplate voting against this 2% increase. For me, the difference will be minuscule – roughly $50 a year on my property taxes. That’s equivalent to one dinner out or a couple of Starbucks stops.

I want my daughters to have the best education and extracurricular choices possible during their time in PUSD. It saddens me to think my 8th grader won’t have opportunities like athletics and arts programs when she gets to high school next year.

These programs are invaluable as we prepare our kids to be contributing members of society. I know people in Peoria have very busy lives but I implore you to take five minutes to fill out the mail in ballot. Vote yes on the bond override this November.

Feel good about the positive impact you are making on thousands of students in the district who will go on to be the people we count on to care for us as physicians, manage our money and eventually teach our grandchildren.

Amy Wolff