Who ya gonna call?: Ghostbuster sighting in Peoria


On Fridays I have to be to work particularly early because it is production day. Everything in the paper needs to be perfect and ready for press by the end of the day.

It can be a grind.

But this morning I think I came across a good omen.

I pulled up to Peoria and Grand avenues, looked to my left and saw the Ecotmobile. [Double-take] Ecto-1 from the classic Ghostbusters movies!

Sort of.

It definitely wasn't an old Cadillac. More like a PT Cruiser with the Ghostbusters 2 logo made up to look like the famous vehicle. And I couldn't tell if Bill Murray or Dan Aykroyd was behind the wheel.

But hey, that was enough for me to get my day started right. Especially since I wouldn't have seen it if hadn't gone to work earlier than normal.

But where was it going? To save anxious residents from apparitions taking up residence in Peoria City Hall? Or maybe a store at Arrowhead Towne Plaza. P83 Entertainment District? Not sure. But if Slimer has been showing up in these parts I want to know about it.

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Philip Haldiman is the News Editor for the Peoria Independent.