Signature event delayed, Lake Pleasant extravaganza to happen in 2021


A signature event at Lake Pleasant planned to attract locals and tourists from across the country to Peoria has been postponed until next year.

The $315,000 signature event, touted as a fire- and water-themed extravaganza, was scheduled for April 17-18.

City spokeswoman Jennifer Stein said the event will be postponed to next year.

“After careful reflection and great consideration, the decision was made to delay our signature event until 2021,” she said. “The delay in implementation does not dampen any of our excitement, nor the content of what we have already shared, rather, it will provide additional time needed for the city to more robustly plan and coordinate all aspects of this event.”

The city has been developing this event over the last year. The marquee component will be a Formula 2 power boat regatta with time trials and championship races. Other components include a choreographed dancing fire show, bonfire event and illuminated jet ski/flyboarding. Arts and culinary experiences will also supplement the overall experience with glass blower artists, watercolor artists and culinary villages.

Ms. Stein said the additional time will allow the city to more effectively partner on public safety, ensure regional/national marketing exposure, pursue potential financial sponsorships, and further identify event price points to generate revenue to ensure the initial and long-term success of this event. 

More information on specific details about the event will be provided as it becomes available, she said.

“The additional time is not a reflection of a lack of progress to date, rather, an effort to ensure the highest possible success for what we feel will become an important new tradition in Peoria.”  

City staff presented the event to mayor and city council, Nov. 12, at pubic meeting, providing the now delayed event date.

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