Poe: Tee up for golf season in Peoria


Unless you get on the golf course early in the morning, Arizona is still too toasty to be playing most of the day. The good news is, there are several ways you can prepare for golf season from the comfort of your home.

The brutal summer heat will soon simmer down, and golf lovers near and far will start flocking to Arizona’s award-winning golf courses for an unbeatable day on the greens. Some players may be feeling a bit rusty after a few months off. Continue reading to learn more about preparing your body for golf season.


Grab your golf club and assume setup position. Lift one foot slightly in the air behind you, standing on the other. Make slow swings back and through. Do it for 10 seconds and switch legs.


The simple, classic squat can be done just about anywhere. Place your feet shoulder width apart, extend your arms and squat down as far as you can for 10 seconds. Gradually work up to 30 seconds per squat. This will improve core strength when it’s time to get back on the course.


Lie on one side with the bottom leg straight and the top leg bent with inside of knee on ground. Rotate your trunk back attempting to put the top shoulder blade on the ground. Hold two seconds, return to the starting position, and repeat for 10 reps. Switch sides.


We like to call this the “Impact Drill,” and it’s something we use with players all the time. The goal is to hit the balls while your stance is always in the position the moment you make contact. First, assume your golf posture and then rotate your hips 45 degrees toward the target.

Keep your right heel up or trailing foot heel up and tilt club shaft towards target. Repeat half swings from this position.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just want to try out a new sport for the first time, these exercises will motivate you to get active and start swinging before you hit the green.

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