Connecting the dots: Peoria's New River trail to fill in


The Peoria City Council voted to authorize the acquisition of property rights to accommodate trail improvements for the path by donation through eminent domain.

Improvements will include clearing and grubbing and construction of a concrete path.

Officials said the trail connections constructed by this project will fill critical gaps and enable the connection of continuous paved New River Trail that will fill in missing links in the approximately one-mile trail segment along the east bank of the New River from Pinnacle Peak to Happy Valley roads.

At the south end of the project, the trail will connect to an existing 10-foot-wide multi-use concrete trail segment. From that point, the trail alignment extends in a northerly direction and will close the missing links where there currently is not a designated corridor or a hard surface trail condition.

The project will also eliminate a 90 degree bend in the existing trail previously constructed as part of the Estates at Happy Valley subdivision.

This project falls under the Circulation Element of Peoria’s General Plan, which recommends developing a continuous multi-modal plan to include a trail system in accordance with the Trails Master Plan.

The Community Services Master Plan recommends the trail system be expanded along rivers and washes, connected to developments and ultimately the Maricopa Regional Trail System.