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Welty: We support Anna Thomasson for mayor


We are writing to express our enthusiastic support for Anna Thomasson as our mayor.

Our family moved to Paradise Valley from Connecticut 12 years ago and we have taken an active interest in our wonderful community, faithfully reading the Independent newspaper and following Town Council activities. We believe we need a leader who embodies dedication, hard work and a genuine passion for our unique Paradise Valley quality of life. Anna Thomasson exemplifies all these qualities and more.

Anna has consistently demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our community. Whether it's attending town hall meetings, engaging with residents or working to find solutions to the myriad of issues that arise, she is always there, working tirelessly to make our town a better place. What sets Anna apart is her meticulous approach to governance. She really listens and works collaboratively to find solutions. Her empathy fosters trust, which is essential for effective leadership.

We have observed that she takes the time to thoroughly research every issue, ensuring that decisions are informed and create a win for all.

Perhaps most importantly, Anna genuinely cares! She has gone on police ride-alongs, worked all day with our public works department and shadowed the code enforcement officer, following up by writing articles for the Independent newspaper educating residents about the important work of our town staff. We have not seen that level of dedication and involvement from the other two candidates.

As we approach the election, I urge my fellow residents to support Anna Thomasson. Her hard work, dedication and genuine care for our community make her the best candidate for mayor.

Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.