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Root: Don’t give up on the miracle of our children


I moved to the Valley in 1989 as a young, ambitious high school graduate fresh out of a 12-year education in public schools. From first grade through my senior year, I was challenged and mentored by qualified educators.

Even in a tiny farming community, neighbors understood the importance of a well-funded public education for everyone’s children. That support provided the foundation from which I had the confidence, work ethic and ability to move across the country, work my way through a four-year undergraduate degree, and even pursue a Master’s and Ph.D. before embarking on a successful career.

I am now the proud parent of two SUSD children at Mohave and Saguaro. I made the decision to remove them from charter school to pursue the extraordinary opportunities at Kiva, Mohave and Saguaro. I cannot imagine a world where curiosities, passions and talents are left to wither because a public education system is being unnecessarily starved. A world without the arts, music, languages and sports is nothing more than darkness. And, nothing grows in darkness. 

Don't give up on the miracle of our children.  They are without a vote and without a voice. They are forced to rely entirely on the courage of citizens who are willing and able to safeguard our collective future and to enhance our beautiful community. We must be their voice. Please join me in voting strongly with a yes vote in favor of maintaining the SUSD M&O override.

One expects a rural farming community, like the one where I was born and raised, to band together and do what is best for the community. I know that Scottsdale, Paradise Valley and Phoenix, the big cities that make up parts of the Scottsdale Unified School District, share those same core small-town values.  

A yes vote is the right decision.  Our American businesses and economy rely on an educated workforce. A yes vote is the fiscally sound decision.  Our supported public schools bolster your property values. A yes vote is the right decision. It is morally imperative that we support the next generation as we, ourselves, were once supported.