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Palmer: Voicing my support for Mary Hamway


I am writing this letter in support of Mary Hamway in her candidacy for mayor of your wonderful town, Paradise Valley.

Mary and I worked together for eight years as appointed members on a state-wide committee that sites extra-high voltage power lines needed as utility companies address the growth in our state’s population and transition to renewable energy. The Line Siting Committee was created by statute 52 years ago and was in need of modernization. Mary recommended a new structure to the Arizona Corporation Commission, and during last year’s legislative session we were able to get a bill passed that cleared up some ambiguity and reduced some of the regulations to help clear the backlog of line siting cases.

Mary was a valuable member of the committee because she was always prepared, asked tough questions and respected the property rights of affected landowners while balancing the needs of the applicant. I’ve worked with many mayors, city councils and boards of supervisors during my 20 years of public service and I know Paradise Valley would be well served with Mary Hamway as your mayor. Her thoughtful and thorough approach to governance is exceeded only by her wisdom that has been gained through years of public service. I am proud to endorse Mary and I know you would be well served by her service on your behalf.

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