Opinion: Bien-Willner has been a difference maker since his youth


Many years ago, a young man entered my Advanced Placement American History class at Saguaro High School, Scottsdale, and immediately, I knew he was a difference maker.

Paradise Valley Mayor, Jerry Bien-Willner, is that young man. As a student, Jerry demonstrated leadership and moral standards. He excelled in knowledge, communication and most importantly leadership.

I am proud of Jerry’s past but prouder of who he is today. Mayor Bien-Wilner has diligently and successfully served Paradise Valley.

Both he and I grew up and continue to reside in Paradise Valley. Under Jerry’s leadership, Paradise Valley has remained the charming and beautiful place to live as it was in the past with presently a most desired ZIP code nationwide, even with the challenges we all have experienced over the years.

Jerry has shown he can balance Paradise Valley’s past while moving forward to the present and to the future, ensuring the quality of life continues to be better.

Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner is still that young man who I knew was a difference maker back in his teen years and is continuing to make a difference in the town I love the most, Paradise Valley. Jerry Bien-Wilner has my confidence and vote.

Linda Perl
Paradise Valley