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Milton: Concerning recent letters on election integrity


I read with interest the recent opinion piece from Mr. Timothy La Sota. The image that ran with the letter stated, “All Sides of an Issue.” We appreciate Mr. La Sota’s tutorial on the importance of election integrity. Nearly all reasonable people would agree that election integrity is important.

But wait! Is this not the same Timothy La Sota who also represents Kari Lake, who attempted unsuccessfully to overturn the last gubernatorial election against Katie Hobbs? Regardless of any opinion of the merits, or lack thereof, of the last governor’s election, it seems ironic that we are getting a tutorial from him around election integrity.

In the same opinion piece, Mr. La Sota apparently wanted to promote his client, Councilwoman Ellen Andeen, in extolling her “vigilance.” But wait again! Is this not the same councilwoman who disappeared for weeks without any notice to anyone?

In another recent letter (“Is paradise lost?”), the author noted that anyone would give grace to an individual who had a personal or family hardship. We agree with that. But no one knows if that is even the case. The councilwoman appears to have simply abandoned her elected role. If she were a volunteer, she would have been removed.

It seems doubly ironic that we should celebrate “vigilance” when the vigilance is accompanied by lack of respect to the electorate.

I agree with the same editorial that we need to return to civility. That starts with calling out those who are most outraged as themselves most outrageous. To paraphrase the previous letter, let us find the “paradise” in Paradise Valley.

This writer is using a pen name. Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.

Editor's note: This letter has been edited from its original publication to correct inaccuracies concerning Tim La Sota. The letter originally referred to La Sota as an "election denier"  due to his representation of Kari Lake. While La Sota was Lake's campaign counsel during the election, he has not represented her in an election challenge or been on record challenging said election.