Independent Newsmedia embarks upon local, digital-first approach in Paradise Valley


At Independent Newsmedia we are the sum of our parts.

In mid-October the Arizona group embarked on a vital 21st Century endeavor: But make no mistake our printed newspaper has never been stronger --- and will remain so.

Anchored by our team of dedicated local journalists, ushers in a new generation at Independent Newsmedia fueled by a true digital-first mentality. Independent Newsmedia has brought five community websites together to offer a true local community website serving every corner of the Phoenix metropolitan area.

“A digital-first strategy is something we have fully embraced at Independent Newsmedia,” Arizona Group Publisher Charlene Bisson said following a soft launch of “Covering local neighborhoods, City Halls and local school boards is our newsroom’s passion and we do our jobs with an unrivaled accuracy.”

At the Paradise Valley Independent Community Page at readers can find the same top-notch local coverage that matters, but now users can encounter regional coverage, national sports and politics.

But remaining dedicated to the digital-first approach, the Paradise Valley Weekly News Brief, which is delivered every Thursday morning containing news coverage you need.

Instant access to the digital version of the newspaper — and all of its exclusive adverting contents and offers — will, of course, remain available for readers.

“From a business perspective, we are excited about putting all of our critical digital content in one place for our digital users in-turn better serving our advertisers online and in print,” Ms. Bisson explained. “We are dedicated to maintaining a nonpartisan approach to the daily coverage at every one of our Arizona media outlets.”

The core mission at Independent Newsmedia is the publishing of purposeful information that encourages and supports meaningful community involvement, and that provides local residents with the knowledge and participation they need to make rational decisions about public issues.

Rest assured we will continue to operate and the Scottsdale Independent as a public trust, in the public interest. We believe that our dedication to conscientious journalism and free speech with civility is the best way we can help each of our communities become a better place to live and work.

Furthermore, we believe our pledge to our readers is what makes us different.

We pledge:

  • To operate our newspapers and websites as members of a sacred public trust.
  • To report the news with honesty, accuracy, purposeful neutrality, fairness, objectivity, fearlessness and compassion.
  • To use our opinion pages to facilitate community debate, not to push our own opinions.
  • To provide the information citizens need to make their own intelligent decisions about public issues.
  • To help our communities become better places to live and work, through our dedication to conscientious journalism.
  • To treat people with courtesy, respect and compassion.
  • To provide a right to reply to those we write about.
  • To disclose our own conflicts of interest or potential conflicts to our readers.
  • To correct our errors and to give each correction the prominence it deserves (on pg. 1 if that’s where the error was).