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Hunter: Anna Thomasson has done the heavy lifting


Anna Thomasson is our choice for mayor of Paradise Valley.

She stands out among the other candidates for several reasons, especially her demonstrated record of achievement at the state legislature. As the volunteer citizen working group that fought to get short-term rental reform passed, we know what it takes to get legislation through the Arizona House and Senate.

Other candidates may talk about their legislative past, but Anna has the current, relevant experience we need. The atmosphere at the legislature has changed dramatically over the past several years and it has become a more divided, contentious place. In particular, the legislature has been very aggressive in seeking to “preempt” and eliminate the rights of municipalities to self-govern on many issues. Paradise Valley must be increasingly mindful about its public position at the legislature, so an experienced mayor is essential to lead our legislative efforts.

One of the most sensitive issues is legislative attempts to preempt zoning in Arizona cities and towns, which would have a devastating impact on quality of life for all residents. In particular, proposals to eliminate the one acre minimum and allow up to 12 units per acre have been considered several times recently at the legislature.

Anna has been at the legislature advocating for Paradise Valley on this issue as well as on photo radar, short-term rental and others.

In addition to her relationships and negotiating skills, no other candidate has the current experience on relevant issues, which is why PV residents need to vote for Anna Thomasson for mayor. Preserving our one-acre zoning may depend on it.

This letter was submitted by Bill Hunter on behalf of himself, Dave Mason, Tim Dickman, Scott Fey, and SL Scanlan. Reader reactions, pro or con, are welcomed at AzOpinions@iniusa.org.