Anton: Take time to ensure your Paradise Valley home is fire safe

Recent Independent article showcases more than one issue


The Oct. 23 article on Fire Safety article in the Town of Paradise Valley Independent provided valuable reminders of steps we all can take in case of a fire in our homes.

Unfortunately, the article left out what we can do to enhance the fire departments ability to save our homes.

As an HOA board member in a 48-home community, we recently discovered the following in our community.

1. Of the seven fire hydrants in our community, two were hidden by bushes --- not anymore.
2. All our fire hydrants were all faded and in need of paint --- now newly painted bright yellow.
3. As we live in a community with no street lights, fire hydrants are hard to find at night --- we went on Amazon and bought blue reflectors and placed them on the roadway across from each fire hydrant so first responders can quickly find them at night.
4. We found that most of are residents had no idea where their closest fire hydrant was. The Town provided us with a map of ther fire hydrants inside and surrounding our HOA which we distributed to our neighbors.

With this article, I am asking every homeowner to take a moment, go outside and make certain are fire department has everything they need to save your home.

Editor’s note: Mr. Anton is a member of the Paradise Valley Planning Commission