Ambri: During uncertain times, Scottsdale teachers remain committed to high-quality education


This is a time in which everyone is being tested like never before --- and that includes the students and teachers of the Scottsdale Unified School District.

The challenges of the current circumstances notwithstanding, serving our students is always SUSD teachers’ first and foremost priority.

That is why the school district’s teachers and administration have been working shoulder to shoulder virtually around the clock to minimize interruptions in the education process. Speaking for SUSD teachers, we continue to be committed to getting out in front of this unexpected situation as rapidly as possible.

The Scottsdale Education Association is grateful to students for their cooperation, parents for their patience and the community for its support.

Thanks to all of you.

As most everyone knows, Superintendent of Public Instruction Kathy Hoffman has extended the closure of all Arizona schools until April 10. Of course we are supporting that decision.

We are, however, preparing for the possibility for that date to also be extended as health care professionals gather more information about the fast-spreading and potentially deadly virus.

This week we took the unprecedented steps of transitioning to all-digital teaching. Quite frankly, this has been a challenging undertaking, particularly on such short notice. But teachers are quick learners, so to speak, and are making the necessary adjustments.

Students, who face the same challenges, are also adapting to the “virtual classroom.”

With a little extra effort, this could be an opportunity for students and teachers to work more closely together and perhaps someday look back on this experience as a time we all renewed our appreciation about the importance of collaboration.

Before closing, I want to express SEA’s gratitude to Patti Bilbrey and her Nutrition Services staff for quickly and efficiently providing food to the school district’s students who need it most. This is the kind of rapid response that makes SUSD so respected and our community so special.

Like everyone else, the school district is in unfamiliar territory created by unforeseen circumstances. The Scottsdale Education Association wants to assure the community that SUSD teachers are dedicated to continuing the high-quality education everyone expects, no matter what.

Editor’s Note: Kris Ambri is the president of the Scottsdale Education Association and a teacher at Copper Ridge.