Office space proposed for north-central

Church wants to develop its property


Peoria could be getting more needed office in the north central part of the city.

The City Council will consider a request to allow for a 9,500 square foot professional office at Deer Valley Road and 78th Avenue at a public meeting Feb. 18. 

Fellowship of Grace Church wants to develop their vacant land to the north of the church for a professional office building, dubbed Providence Professional Park.

To do this, the city council must approve a general plan amendment and a rezoning of the property.

The proposal includes two requests —  to amend the General Plan land use designation for about 5 acres from public use to office/local commercial; and to rezone about 5 acres from suburban ranch to Providence Professional Park Planned Area Development.

The planning commission recommended the proposal to the city council, Jan. 16.

City Planner Amanda Beck said the proposal will facilitate infill development of the north portion of the site, while the church would remain with its building onsite and continue operation.

The church plans to upgrade the facade of the existing church building to complement the new office building so it becomes a cohesive development, and they’ve also proposed some onsite improvements such as a ramada for outdoor events which will be handled through the site plan, which is under review by staff, Ms. Beck said.

“The current use only accommodates the existing church,” she said. “The proposal would allow for a variety of low intensity commercial development such as professional offices, medical and legal services, and convenient and retail services.”

City staff said the Providence Professional Park Planned Area Development will align with the proposed general plan amendment, and allow for office uses and provide contextually appropriate development standards given the constrained nature of the remaining vacant area.

The applicant has noted that these requests will allow for the infill development of the site in a way that is consistent with the surrounding developments along Deer Valley Road, while preserving the character of the existing church, according to documents.

The rezoning could also allow the church to convert to an office use down the line.

Nathan Cottrell, principal engineer of CEG Applied Sciences, who represents the church, said the church’s intent is not to go anywhere, just simply finances.

“In the foreseeable future they are not going anywhere,” he said. “They are not going sell it later. This is not like a normal developer that is trying to make money and leave. They are here, they are part of the community, they want to stay.” 

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