New Beginnings
Tony and Jessica

Meet Tony and Jessica – Energetic siblings look to share joyous life with family

The energy is contagious when you spend time with siblings Tony and Jessica. The teenagers are full of life, love, and positivity.

Meet Lashawna – Determined Teens Wishes for Family

“I want to do hair and makeup so that other people can look beautiful.”

Meet Ethan – Outgoing and Creative Teen Seeks Loving Bond

Where is Ethan? If it’s not a hot summer’s day the answer is outside. The thirteen-year-old likes to stay active and can often be found riding his scooter, playing football, skating, or his new hobby – fishing.

Meet Lizeth – Teen Looks to Share Larger-than-Life Personality with Loving Family

Lizzie is looking for a one or two parent home that will fulfill her dream of having a loving family to call her own. She has a wide variety of interests such as shopping, swimming, and playing board games that she would like to share with her forever family. Lizzie also says she enjoys playing outside and doing yard work!

Meet Aaron – Active Teen Hopes for Loving Family

Sixteen-year-old Aaron likes to stay active, both physically and mentally.

Meet Kasumy – Teen Eager to Experience Life with a Family

When asked, thirteen-year-old Kasumy describes herself as quiet, happy, and open to trying new things.
Meet Wesson – Musical teen seeks family to live in harmony

Meet Wesson – Musical teen seeks family to live in harmony

The room fills with laughter as Wesson cracks another joke. The thirteen-year-old has a magnetic personality and a wide smile that he likes to show often.
Meet Jaeden, Miracle, and William: Energetic Siblings Seek Loving Family

Meet Jaeden, Miracle, and William: Energetic Siblings Seek Loving Family

What does adoption mean? For siblings Jaeden, Miracle, and William, it means, “Someone will take care of you.”
Alex and Sean

Meet Alex and Sean: Brothers ready for forever

Alex and Sean are teenaged brothers ready to take on the world together.

Meet Kimberly: Easy-going teen ready to bring laughter to a family

Kimberly is ready to add singing, laughter, and love to a forever family!

Meet Nevaeh: Happy go lucky

Happy-go-lucky Nevaeh is ready to share her love with a forever family!
JJ is easy going and sociable.

Meet JJ: Outgoing boy wishes for loving family

Ten-year-old JJ is a bright boy who loves life, and everything it has to offer. The fearless fourth grader has a wide variety of interests like riding his bike, creating music inspired by his …
Tyree is so full of life.

Meet Tyree: Active teen searches for loving family

“Tyree lights up when he gets attention.” His child advocate says. The fifteen year old loves the idea of family. The teen is so full of life and just wants someone to share it with. …
Jesus is polite and well-mannered.

Meet Jesus: Courteous teen seeks loving family

Courteous. Respectful. Compassionate. Just three words to describe 14-year-old Jesus. Polite and well-mannered, the teen gets along and enjoys spending time with both adults and other children his …
Cerue takes school seriously.

Meet Cerue: Outgoing teen ready for family

At 16 years-old Cerue is ready for forever. The social butterfly makes friends easily, but she’s ready to find a family to love and call her own. Cerue likes to stay busy hiking, …
CJ loves animals.

Meet Constintine: Active pre-teen with love to give

Eleven-year-old Constintine, or CJ as he’s called, is like most fifth grade boys. He’s friendly and talkative, loves the outdoors, and wants nothing more than a family to call his …
Salina likes to dance.

Salina wants to be a teacher

Salina thrives in the classroom and she wants to stay there when she is grown up. “I want to be a teacher because I want to teach kindergartners their ABCs and stuff,” Salina …
Aiden does well academically.

Aiden looking for a dad

Music helps people express their deep emotions and listening to it helps Aiden to know he isn’t the only one who has felt that way. A long list of favorite artists includes “Maroon …
Keegan would be a great big brother.

Keegan is an outgoing, athletic teen

If you’re looking for a little conversation, sit down next to 14-year-old Keegan. “He is a story teller,” says John Hicks, a child specific adoption recruiter with Aid to …
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