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Van Luven: Survive the summer, stay active through the heat


Yes, we all know it’s painfully hot during the Arizona summers. And we all know it’s important to drink plenty of water to help us stay hydrated. But did you know water can be dehydrating? Water that has been stripped of nutrients, like reverse osmosis and distilled is like a magnet inside the body, stripping it of minerals because it has none of its own. It’s the minerals (electrolytes), like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium your body needs to function properly. Electrolytes are the electricity of the body. They provide conductivity for nerves and muscles, facilitate energy production and storage, and help regulate blood pressure and fluid balance.

You can amp up your water by adding electrolytes to it. But be careful! Some electrolyte products contain artificial ingredients that could contribute to undesirable side effects. There are some healthy options out there. You just need to read the labels. Note, however, that if you are actively sweating, you will need to replace more sodium than the other electrolytes because your body loses it quickly. You can lose anywhere from 200 mg to 2,000 mg of sodium per liter of sweat.

We’ve been told sodium is “bad” for you, especially if you have high blood pressure. Yet sodium is essential for proper nerve and muscle function. It’s more about the type of sodium rather than sodium itself. Standard table salt has been stripped of minerals and bleached. Himalayan salt and sea salt contain other minerals like calcium, copper, magnesium and potassium. These salts also have more flavor and, therefore, you may be inclined to consume less of it.

Seven foods high in electrolyte minerals

  • Bananas (potassium)
  • Avocados (magnesium)
  • Sweet potatoes (magnesium and potassium)
  • Leafy greens (calcium, magnesium and potassium)
  • Beans and lentils (magnesium and potassium)
  • Pistachios (magnesium and potassium)
  • Oranges (calcium and potassium)

Notice none of these foods contain sodium. Taking a salt tablet when outdoors or exercising can help replenish sodium lost through sweating.

At Prime IV Hydration & Wellness we offer a full liter of electrolyte fluids (including sodium) plus additional nutrients to help you survive the summer. If you are active, we also have nutrients to help with muscle recovery and increasing energy output. We would be happy to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss your specific needs.

Call us at 480-992-4202 or go to primeiveastmesa.com for more information. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – Red Mountain Gateway is at 2025 N. Power Road in Suite 106 in Mesa. The website is https://primeivhydration.com/locations/arizona/northeast-mesa-85215/#overview

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