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Hammer: Plumbing issues to be aware of this spring


As the cool weather subsides and the sun starts beating down homeowners must not overlook the important aspects of their plumbing system to make sure they handle the intense weather changes. From changing temperatures during this time of year to more use of outdoor elements, many factors can cause issues with homeowners plumbing systems. Being proactive at this time of year can cut down future costs and prevent potential issues from occurring.

Here are a few ways you — as a homeowner — can help prevent these problems and help cut down on these costs if you do have a malfunctioning plumbing system.

Irrigation systems

As spring arrives it means many people are going out in their yards to start planting gardens with vegetables and flowers. This means the use of irrigation systems in Arizona as most homes don’t have natural water flowing through their yards. It’s the desert. Water must come from somewhere. However, even a couple of months of not using your irrigation system can cause problems. Sprinkler heads become clogged, pipes may have frozen, and valves may have become leaky. These are common issues that can be fixed.

Take time to inspect your system before using it. Check your sprinkler heads. Clear them of any debris. Run your system on the lowest setting to make sure it is working properly. Also, ensure you have proper drainage around your home while you are running your sprinklers. Many HOAs in the greater Phoenix area have regulations surrounding drainage and could cause you to be fined if it isn’t done properly. More importantly you want your yard drainage working correctly so it doesn’t flow underneath your home which can cause foundation damage. Doing a healthy inspection of your systems will give you an idea of what is working and what isn’t. If something is broken, consider calling a professional if you aren’t sure how to fix it yourself.

Water heater issues

The changes in temperature between winter and early spring can vary greatly. One day it feels like the middle of summer. The next it is blistering cold. These changes in temperature can put strain on your hot water heater systems. This is a great time of year to make sure your hot water heater is working properly.

Constantin Geambasu, owner of Water Rehab in Gilbert, Arizona says spring is a great time to make sure your hot water heater is working properly. To do so you must drain it completely.

“You need to flush your hot water tank to eliminate any sediment that may have built up over the winter,” he said. “In addition to draining your hot water heater, you want to check for any leaks or damage such as corrosion. If you see any corrosion, contact a professional plumber immediately to inspect your system because you don’t want any more damage to occur.”

Clogged drains

Winter in Arizona means many random rainstorms occur. These often come with high winds that cause debris to fly around that can get into your system. Clean out any drains around your home and make sure all debris is cleared from plumbing fixtures on the outside of your home to ensure they are working properly. It doesn’t take much for a piece of a palm tree to fly around and do damage during a storm. So, always check your outdoor fixtures for any damage.

Outdoor plumbing

Spring in Arizona is the best time of the year. The heat isn’t quite there yet so you can get outside and enjoy your yard with your family. However, outdoor plumbing fixtures such as faucets, swimming pool plumbing, irrigation and more could have been damaged over the winter even if there were only a few days of below freezing weather.

Inspect your outdoor plumbing areas. Faucets, pipes, irrigation, swimming pool plumbing systems, and the areas that surround them for faults. Check for cracks around these systems as it may be a sign of damage in the plumbing system. If you notice any damage correct the issue and as always if it seems too big for you to fix yourself, don’t do more damage. Contact a professional. You may have to pay someone else, but it will save you money in the long run to fix any issues the right way the first time.

As spring shows up in Arizona it just means summer is knocking on the door so now is the time to take care of any plumbing issues you may have or foresee in the future. Addressing these issues now will help you have a safe and active summer and cut down on any cost that may arise due to broken down systems. Cleaning out drains, making sure your sprinkler system is up and ready to go, checking your water heater will all help in getting your system ready for the difficult part of the year when it comes to water consumption. As with any intricate system it is important to not try to fix it yourself if you truly don’t know what you are working with. Contact a professional plumber to fix any difficult issues so you don’t break anything. Pay attention to your water bill starting with the warmer weather and if you notice changes, contact a plumber to smooth out your headaches surrounding your issues. Being proactive will go a long way in helping you with your water consumption and preventing any plumbing issues.

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