Reilly: New war in Ukraine just another takeover by ‘Deep State’

Posted 4/7/22

We’ve witnessed America’s “Deep State” continue their program of lies and disinformation. We’ve witnessed America’s planned destruction unfold since the 2020 election.

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Reilly: New war in Ukraine just another takeover by ‘Deep State’


We’ve witnessed America’s “Deep State” continue their program of lies and disinformation. We’ve witnessed America’s planned destruction unfold since the 2020 election.

We were told President Donald Trump was a Russian agent. We were told Trump had an inappropriate phone conversation with Ukraine President Zelensky. We watched the Deep State fail to remove President Trump from office twice using the impeachment process.

We’ve watched countless investigations, including the Mueller Investigation, foiled by truth. Their four-year effort failed to remove Trump. Their claims against Trump were debunked.

Prior to the election, the New York Times claimed that Hunter Biden’s laptop was Russian propaganda. Nineteen months later, 51 former U.S. intelligence officers were exposed who had promoted the lie that the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. The Hunter Biden laptop revelations were concealed from the voters.

Federal Prosecutor Durham’s recent federal court filing now alleges that Trump was indeed spied on during the election campaign and while president, allegedly by Hillary Clinton and company.

The COVID-19 scare was manipulated to disrupt the election process. The election count was suspiciously stopped in the late evening of Nov. 3, 2020, and restarted in the early morning. We went to bed with Trump winning and we woke up with Trump losing.

In Sun City West, prior to the election, we surveyed 310 homeowners. Ninety-seven percent of the homeowners supported Trump for President in 2020. Watch for states to begin to decertify their 2020 election results.

The Deep State plan now unfolding (with the approval of both political parties and the willing assistance of the news media and tech giants) is war. Ukraine, portrayed as a beacon of freedom and democracy, is reportedly one of the most corrupt countries in the world and is reportedly involved in human trafficking and money laundering.

The fact that Ukraine has the neo-Nazi AZOV Battalion, which is reported to be killing Russian speaking Ukrainians, is ignored.

While addressing our feckless, war-mongering Congress, neo-Nazi puppet President Zelensky, pleaded for assistance from America. One couldn’t ignore the image of the Iron Cross logo on Zelensky’s shirt.

Ukraine is a hotbed of U.S.-sponsored biological research and weapon labs (U.N. banned in 1975) as confirmed by U.S. Undersecretary of State to Ukraine Victoria Nuland in recent testimony, given under oath, in a Congressional hearing.

President Putin made the decision to protect Russia’s sovereignty and the Russian people from the threat of bioweapons labs on his southern border adjacent to Ukraine. President Kennedy took similar action in 1962, when he learned that Soviet missiles were being shipped into Communist Cuba.

The drumbeat: “Putin bad, Zelensky good.” The media and Congress continue to push for war with Russia!

Russian Czar Alexander II sent naval squadrons to the east and west coasts of America during the American Civil War because of his concerns England and France were supporting the Confederacy. Russia also helped America to defeat Hitler.

Nations work most effectively when they face a common threat. America, Russia, China and other countries are currently facing a Satanic, globalist threat to their national sovereignty. Their actions against a common enemy and truth will destroy the demonic New World Order. President Trump was the roadblock to the activation of the New World Order (the Great Reset).

That’s why Trump had to be removed from office. That’s why Biden was installed. Nov. 3, 2020 was the real insurrection and the completion of a successful coup d’état against America.

Predictions: China will attack bio-labs located in Taiwan. Trump will rightfully be installed as President under National Emergency Powers known as Presidential Emergency Action Documents.


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