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Perl: Newspaper wrong to publish article about Trump donors


The two-page flashy article entitled “Arizona donors double down after Jan. 6 panel questions Trump election fund” has me very irked.

For a local newspaper entitled “The Independent,” this is an inflaming article glorifying the Trump supporters, still declaring the election invalid, and supporting the Jan. 6 insurrection.

This is irresponsible reporting. After recounts, court cases and more commissions, the election in 2022 is valid. There have been many contested elections in the history of America. Those which have been decided by court decisions or special commissions and recounts, justify the end result.

There have been no insurrections on contested elections except for Jan. 6. It is deplorable that such an insurrection occurred. As the Jan. 6 Senate hearings highlighted as Vice President Al Gore could have declared himself the victor; Joe Biden could have declared Hillary Clinton the victor, since there were close calls in various states. But no, that did not happen. Even in 1802, the election between Jefferson and Burr, which was settled by the House, was accepted.

In the history of America, people accepted the results. This taking back my country is an inflammable phrase. This is my country. America has been my family’s country since 1840. Those whose candidate prevailed in the 2022 election, it is their country.

Let’s accept. Let’s heal. Let’s never have another insurrection again. Let’s not have a newspaper entitled “The Independent” glorify those who do not abide by the Constitution and accept the will of the people.

Those who still wish to donate and support Donald Trump have that right. But a two-page article glorifying their decision and why is unacceptable. I am very disappointed in “The Independent” and its decision to print this article.