Local voices: Cheers for the new Loop 202


Area motorists discuss the opening of the Loop 202 South Mountain Freeway.

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Hubby and I took the 202 to Ikea yesterday. Fabulous road! — Jeanie Graham Campbell

Where to?

It looks like you may be able to get into 202 from Roosevelt and west 51st Ave.? — Andy Snyder


59th runs parallel to the new freeway. I just took it this morning ... wow! What a difference with the morning commute. There is no Roosevelt or Van Buren exit going south … will take it later today to go back home. — Ernesto Santana Jr

Just wait

School’s out and people are off work this week and next. Wait till the 6th when it’s back to normal and see how it is then. — Gary Gillett


How long did it take from surprise to Tempe? — Claudia Caro


It took about 40 minutes, which isn’t that much quicker on a low traffic day on I-10, but I’m thinking it will be a great improvement when the 10 is clogged through Phoenix. — Jeanie Graham Campbell