Foulke: Be patient with pilots training


It is now 10:45 a.m. on a Tuesday. Several aircraft have departed from Luke Air Force Base, but it is now very quiet.

I know that the noise will resume and it will be often throughout the day and into darkness, but so be it. The sound of our jets is louder and more often for two basic reasons — the colder air  amplifies the sound and the pilots are required to fly “X” amount of hours each month for many different training reasons.

Be patient.

Those same pilots want to complete their required flight hours so they can be granted “leave” to be with their families this Christmas and New Year season, just as many of us on the ground are planning.

Enjoy the sound of those jets, for they provide us with the “sound of freedom.”

Gib Foulke
USAF SMSgt. (retired)
Sun City