Study names Glendale Arizona's best sports city

Glendale ranks as 6th-best mid-sized sports city in US


A new study from WalletHub has found Glendale to be the sixth-best mid-sized sports city in the nation and the best sports city in Arizona. Glendale also ranked as the 12th-best football city and the 17th-best hockey city in the U.S.

A mid-sized city was measured to be a city with a population between 100,000 and 300,000. Glendale’s population is just under 250,000. The five mid-sized cities that outranked Glendale in the study, from first to fifth, were Cincinnati, Ohio; Buffalo, New York; Green Bay, Wisconsin; Salt Lake City, and Orlando, Florida.

Glendale ranked as the nation’s 32nd-best sports city overall, the highest ranking of any Arizona city. Phoenix ranked 68th, Tempe ranked 100th, Tucson ranked 155th and Flagstaff ranked 239th of 418 cities included in the study. Phoenix ranked as the nation’s 22nd-best baseball city, 30th-best basketball city and 34th-best soccer city.

The study ranked a city’s sports score based on how many professional or major college sports teams are in the city, how successful that team is, how popular that team is, the team’s home attendance and its stadium capacity. Glendale’s rank as the 12th-best football city boosted its overall sports score, as a city’s football score was weighted for 50% of its sports score in the WalletHub study.

Boston was named both the best overall sports city, best hockey city and best basketball city. Pittsburgh was named the best football city, New York was named the best baseball city and Los Angeles was named the best soccer city.

See the full study here.