Some Glendale music spots staying open; Desert Rose closes

As of March 17, taking precautions and still rocking


UPDATE: March 18:

Desert Rose Pizza and Gastro Pub announced in an email on March 18 that they will be closing “until all restrictions have been released for the safety of our staff and guests.”

“As you all well know our facility is huge and functions primarily off huge groups, parties, music and events. We cannot survive on take-out, online or minimal allowance for guests at one time,” the statement reads. “It is not in the best interest of our beloved community, families, friends and staff to remain open.”

As of March 18, Starlite Lounge and Kimmyz are remaining open.


Some Glendale bars featuring live music and entertainment are staying open while taking precautions against the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Starlite Lounge, at 4346 W. Olive Ave., Glendale, posted on its Facebook page March 15, “Just want to make an announcement that we are not closing down but are taking precautions with making sure the bar is clean and everything is wiped down with bleach and sanitized. Hope to see everyone for karaoke tonight starts at 7pm ! (Microphones will be wiped down after every singer).”

Pending any upcoming changes, the event Metal 4 The Hungry goes 7 p.m.-1 a.m. Saturday, April 11 at Starlite.

Chewy Production and Immortalized Productions are asking for donations at the door for the 21+ show with all proceeds benefiting the St. Mary’s Food Bank.

The lineup includes Oddity Paradox, The Plasma Kings, Bloodsaw, Meganeura, and The Sintrics. Call 623-934-1913.

Desert Rose Pizza & Gastro Pub, 6729 N. 57th Drive, Glendale, posted on social media March 15, “We will stay open and we will not cancel any events we are in charge of. Several events have been and are being cancelled but out of our control.”

And Kimmyz On Greenway Rock & Roll Bar & Grill, 5930 W. Greenway Road, Suite 27, Glendale, con-firmed March 17 it would remain open with live music.

Pending any upcoming changes Friendly Jesture performs 9 p.m. Saturday, April 18 at Kimmyz.

The cover band plays hits from the 70s through today, and features Bryan Fasulo (lead vocals/guitar), Jeff Wagner (bass/vocals), Garth Washburn (drums/vocals) and Petio Petev (lead guitar/vocals).

Email or call 602-938-9330.