Historic Glendale park buildings reconstructed after 2017 fires


Glendale city officials unveiled reconstructed historic buildings at Sahuaro Ranch Park, 9800 N. 59th Avenue, which were rebuild after they were destroyed or damaged by a string of arson fires in September 2017.

The buildings damaged included the dairy barn (built in 1928); the blacksmith/machine shop (circa 1890); the stable/granary (circa 1890 and 1935); and some minimal damage to the scale house (1950s). Glendale police suspected the fires were arson, but never announced any arrests in connection to the fires.

A year and a half later, the buildings have been restored to their former glory after the city restored some buildings and completely rebuild others. The cost of the reconstruction was $331,870.

 To make the restorations reflect the era of the original construction, the city used materials and construction techniques accurate to the time, such as non-sanded lumber.

The historic buildings at Sahuaro Ranch are used for tours, weddings and other events for the public, which generate revenue for the city.

Editor’s note: Bette Sharpe photographs for GlendaleDailyPlanet.com.