Glendale gearing up for Super Bowl short-term rentals

Some rental rates boggle the mind, but industry pros caution those jumping on the bandwagon


Some Glendale homeowners are definitely gettin’ while the gettin’s good by renting their places out to visitors for Super Bowl 57 next month.

On Vrbo, as of Tuesday, one four-bedroom house listed as “walking distance” from State Farm Stadium and that ordinarily goes for $1,420 per night according to the listing is now priced at $3,000 a night for a Friday check-in through Monday of Super Bowl weekend.

Others are more modest. A three-bedroom home located in Glendale just minutes from the stadium is listed as $189 a night for those dates.

Then, there are the other others.

A four-bedroom home with a pool in Glendale a few miles from the stadium, for a Feb. 3-6 stay, was listed Tuesday at $20,000 a night. On other non-Super Bowl dates, the property goes for $517 a night, according to the listing.

As tempting as it is for Glendale residents to rent out their places to visitors during Super Bowl weekend, there are important new short-term rental rules in the city code that was amended in May 2022.

While Glendale does allow short-term rentals, steps must be taken before renting to assure both parties are within city compliance. The city announced an amendment to its code regarding residential rental properties and short-term rentals within city limits.

Owners of vacation and short-term rentals in Glendale are required to provide the city with the name and information of a person designated as an emergency contact, as well as contact information for the owner(s) responsible for responding to complaints. A vacation or short-term rental is defined as a residential property offered for rent for less than 30 days.

Under Glendale’s nuisance parties and unlawful gatherings ordinance, property owners are accountable for repeated unruly gatherings or parties. The ordinance applies to all private residences, whether they are long or short-term rentals or owner-occupied.

“Across the Valley, we have seen negative or harmful activity with short-term rentals,” Glendale Deputy City Manager Rick St. John shared in a statement. “Previously in Glendale, we had not been tracking where our short-term rentals were located. This new system will allow us to gather where these properties are located, how they are taken care of and help keep our community safer.”

According to Arizonans for Responsible Tourism (AZRT), a statewide organization of more than 2,500 short-term rental operators, some new listings come from homeowners with no experience in hosting who plan to rent out their home temporarily during the Super Bowl. This can be cause for concern for guests, public safety servants, the professional hosting community, and neighbors, the coalition notes.

“Temporary hosts jumping on board quickly do not have the experience or the resources to ensure safety in our communities,” AZRT President Linda Curry posted to the organization’s website as recently as Jan. 9. “This type of activity can pose problems to the industry reputation in addition to potentially causing disturbances in neighborhoods.”

Hosting a short-term rental might sound easy, but it’s a job that requires knowledge of local laws, professional standards, and thorough preparation, AZRT cautions, while adding that a first-time listing also might not yield the kind of money expected because new hosts won’t have any positive reviews.

John Hildebrand, an experienced property manager and AZRT board member based in Scottsdale, stated that hundreds of homeowners have expressed interest in listing their homes for the first time on Airbnb or Vrbo for the Super Bowl.

“Just because you see units advertised for $10,000 a night doesn’t mean you will get that,” Hildebrand shared through AZRT, “or it could mean those hosts have a lot of reviews which build trust with guests.”

AZRT advises first-time, short-term rental hosts to find out if there is a local short-term rental alliance or trade association in your area for information, advice, and resources on hosting in your city or town.

Click here to register a Glendale home as a short-term rental.

The online process will take about five minutes to register your property, all at no cost to the property owner.

If you have not received a letter by the end of this month, contact Glendale Customer Service at 623-930-3190 or, or email GovOS at to request an activation code and account number.