Firefighters lead Glendale’s Smoke Detector Walk Feb. 15


Glendale Firefighter Charities has partnered with the American Red Cross and the Arizona Burn Foundation to serve as many as 500 homes this Saturday, Feb. 15 when they do the first of the 2020 smoke detector walks.

Over the past 15 years Glendale Firefighters have canvased neighborhoods of the community installing and checking for working smoke detectors. Three years ago, a partnership was forged between the three entities bringing the success of the efforts to an entirely new level. Smoke detectors, support materials, safety education materials and volunteers are all provided by both the Arizona Burn Foundation and the American Red Cross. Without their donations, Glendale Firefighter Charities would not be able to provide for the large number of households it anticipates serving.

Firefighters expect to install up to 150 smoke detectors during the event that starts 8:30 a.m. Saturday, Feb. 15. Volunteers will meet in the parking lot at Glendale American Elementary School, 8530 N. 55th Ave., Glendale. The purpose of the walk is not only to install and inspect smoke detectors but also to get out into the community and talk about fire safety.