Lock boxes available in Litchfield Park to aid first responders


The voluntary Lock Box Program is available to Litchfield Park residents to aid firefighters in responding to emergencies when the occupant cannot answer the door.

The Lock Box Program reduces the likelihood of property damage caused by first responders forcing entry into a home in response to an emergency call.

In this program, available to all homes served by the Goodyear Fire Department, the building owner or occupant installs a residential lock box on their home to secure a front door key or keys for use by Goodyear FD in an emergency where the occupant cannot come to the door. Homes equipped with boxes will be noted in a system at the 911 call center. This allows responders to know the home or facility is equipped with a lock box and relay that information to first responders.

Purchasing and installing a residential lock box does not entitle the homeowner to a “lock out service.” If a homeowner accidentally locks themselves out of their home, the fire department will not provide the homeowner access to their residence using the Lock Box Program.

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