Gov. Ducey ensuring Arizona’s economic momentum continues

Associated Press

This week’s State of the State address was yet another welcome reminder that Gov. Ducey is focused like a laser-beam on ensuring Arizona’s economic momentum continues.

The governor made clear that he is going to work to improve our state’s tax climate, while removing regulatory barriers to growth.

Competitive tax and regulatory environments have been central to our economic growth. We share his commitment to strongly resisting measures that will reverse our economic progress.

The governor’s plan for 2020 represents a balanced, thoughtful approach with important initiatives and investments planned for K-12 education, higher education, transportation, and more.

Job creators are heartened that the governor reiterated his commitment to ensuring that the state will have the talent pipeline necessary to fill existing jobs and attract new ones.

We agree with the governor that Arizona’s relationship with Mexico has never been better. With the imminent passage of USMCA, the best is yet to come.

We look forward to working with Gov. Ducey in 2020 as together we strive to maintain Arizona’s economic growth and create exciting new opportunities for job creators.

Glenn Hamer is CEO of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry; he issued this statement following Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey’s State of the State address on Jan. 13.