Fall, winter bulk trash pickups scheduled for Buckeye


BUCKEYE — Bulk trash is a quarterly service to help residents dispose of large household items that do not fit in regular trash bins.
The city of Buckeye recently published a list of dates that all parts of the city will receive large-trash pickup this fall and winter.

This service is not for commercially generated trash, construction or demolition debris. Small items must be bagged.

For 2022, city officials decided bulk trash will be picked up over a full week, as the level of participation makes it impossible to collect in just one day.

Residents should place items out before Monday as crews collect during the week assigned.

Residents can set out their bulk trash the Friday before an assigned date. Late placement may not receive service.

Learn more about Buckeye bulk trash service dos and don’ts with a quick look at the service requirements for proper disposal. The map of where the nine city trash quadrants are located can be found here as well: tinyurl.com/yx892s8t

Residents can also call 623-349-6100 for information.

This week, Zone B8 gets large-trash pickup. For the week of Sept. 19, it’s Zone B9.

Bulk trash service requirements are listed at the link above. Here are some of the requirements:

• A solid waste account with the city is required for each household located within the corporate city limits.

• Bulk-piled items may be 6-feet long by 6-feet wide by 6-feet high.

• Bulk items may not be on the sidewalk, street or alley.

• Bulk items should be more than 5 feet from any fixed object.
Items not accepted include household hazardous waste, loose grass, leaves, weeds and twigs; bricks, concrete and asphalt, dirt and rocks and construction material greater than 25 pounds.

The Southwest Regional landfill is at 24427 S. Highway 85, Buckeye. Residents may drop off material for a small fee for the first 600 pounds. Additional weight will incur additional charges.
Remember to bring a trash bill to show a current trash service account.

Buckeye residents may contact Republic Services directly to set up collection of bulk trash at a Buckeye home. The cost for this service is $145 and is paid to Republic Services.

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