Buckeye approves water sales amendment


BUCKEYE — By a unanimous vote Tuesday, the Buckeye City Council approved a consent agenda that includes an amendment to a complex water agreement.
The approved an amendment to an existing agreement will allow an entity called BT Airport Road LLC to sell some of its excess water capacity earlier than planned.

City Engineer Scott Zipprich said the amendment is for an city-and-developer agreement around the construction of the North Airport Road Water Campus.

“There were excess capacities built into that campus,” Zipprich said. “Council approved a water sales agreement in 2012. It was amended about a year ago, when the developer was going to drill a well, install additional treatment and sell the additional capacity that it constructed.”

Zipprich said the amendment will allow a third party to post a construction bond so BT Airport Road can sell a portion of that water earlier than the previous agreement would allow.

“I don’t want to mistake this as an additional water sale,” Zipprich said. “This is minor amendment that allows someone besides the original developer to post a construction bond.”

Vice Mayor Craig Huestis asked if the city was allowed to purchase the water. Zipprich said the city already exercised its contractual right of first refusal, so right now, the city can’t buy the water from the developer.