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VanFleet: Questions to ask when hiring a water delivery service for your pool


Owning a swimming pool is a great addition to any home. It provides fun for the entire family, exercise opportunities and entertainment value. The first key step to any home pool is the water. When installing a pool or replacing the water it is important to hire the right company and know what questions to ask to make sure you are getting what you want and are paying for. Here are some questions you must ask your pool water supplier beforehand.

Is this a reputable company?

A pool water delivery service must be able to provide references. Meaning they should be able to provide homeowners with the number of years the company has been business, plus a solid Better Business Bureau rating.

Always check Google ratings as these come from people who have used the company in the past. When speaking with a person at the pool water delivery company, always ask about the company’s Google reviews. Check with neighbors. Ask for references. References from neighbors or other sources along with the reputation and years in business should provide you with enough information to make a solid decision in water carriers.

Can the company meet your needs?

Another key question, if not the most important, is to ask the water delivery company if they can meet your needs without charging you for water that you do not need or may receive. Meaning they may bring more water to the site than you need for your pool. In addition, any pool water provider must provide proof of insurance for any possible damages related or ancillary to the delivery service. Meaning damage to yard or possible flooding.

Prior to hiring a pool water delivery company, the homeowner must express exactly what they need for the job in order to complete the job and any issues they wish to avoid. Before retrieving the water from the company always get a written agreement so all parties understand the job at hand and to minimize any possible problems.

Is this quality water?

When it comes to the actual water always ask about the quality. For any water requirements, whether for drinking, showering or pools, there are always concerns about the quality of the water. Usually this is minimized by assurances from the carrier that the water they are providing is potable. This ensures that the homeowner is receiving water that is fit for human consumption. It is drinkable and safe. One of the primary contaminants of any water delivery services is rust. This can be due to many issues. Fixtures on the truck, source of the water or even containers. However, this rust can be removed by a few methods, but always make sure you speak with your water provider about this issue.

With any pool system, even after delivery of perfectly clean water, it is important to chemically balance out your pool system and optimize it for your home and for the best use experience. All pools are different, and with people swimming in them they get dirty easily so keep up with your chemicals to keep the pool nice and clear all season long.

Choosing the right pool water delivery service involves much more than just finding a company that provides water. If you are a homeowner looking for a water delivery service to fill the pool, remember to ask these questions. It will make the experience run a lot smoother and let you and the family enjoy your personal outdoor oasis much sooner.

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