Sheffer: $50 to pick up trash can gouging loyal customers


While I don't know about the whole backstory on this I do know that we have been informed that when the new system of trash pickup comes into play --- which I have no problems with so far --- customers are to be charged an additional $50 to have their existing contract trash cans picked up by the outgoing company (in our case RAD).

We have always paid our bills automatically. What happened in this case was RAD simply tacked on the $50 and took it with the payment . . . we never saw it coming and therefore had no say in the matter whatsoever.

I also have to question: if our original contracts agreed upon with RAD included the rental/use of the cans at the outset, then charging a second time to get them back feels like a double dip scenario. If so that just isn't right. I do not see that as a very ethical way of doing business at all.

Even if the RAD feels slighted because of whatever changes are being made concerning our trash pickup, gouging loyal customers on the way out certainly stinks.

There's not anything I see that be done actually, but I thought you might like to know about that the situation exists for a lot of folks I'm sure.

Hank Sheffer
Apache Junction