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Robinson: Consider these 3 components when purchasing a new front door


When it comes to buying a new front door for your home, the decision goes much beyond just the way it looks. A front door serves many purposes from being a focal point of the home to security and even energy efficiency. Let’s look at these areas to help you better understand what to look for when purchasing a new front door for your home.

Door material

The material you choose for your front door is always the most important factor for homeowners. This is because front door materials vary in different areas including durability, maintenance and the overall appearance. Front doors often come built with three materials, fiberglass, wood and steel. Choosing which one is important as each has pros and cons.

Fiberglass doors are known for being highly durable and very low maintenance. These doors can mimic the appearance of wooden doors but are much more resistant to dents and scratches. Fiberglass doors are also more energy efficient as they come with insulated cores to prevent heat and cold from coming in the home. These doors are a great option for those who want the look of a wooden door without the upkeep.

Wooden doors offer a classic and warm look to any home. These doors can be customized with a variety of paints and stains so you can find any look you are looking for. Wood also requires regular maintenance to help protect it from the elements like rain, snow and extreme heat. Wooden doors are also prone to warping due to extreme changes in temperature. Meaning in the winter in Arizona the doors may contract and when the hotter temperatures come around it will expand causing the door to stick. Just keep this in mind when choosing the right door for your home.


Security is always a priority for homeowners when it comes to entrance doorways. The door on the home must be strong to prevent potential break-ins, providing peace of mind for those living within the home. Here are some of the key features to look for when it comes to security for a front door.

Solid core doors are excellent choices due to the materials they are made from. Solid core doors typically are made from wood, fiberglass or steel, making it more difficult to break through than a hollow core door.

Deadbolt locks are a key component when it comes to front door security. Ensure your front door is equipped with a high-quality deadbolt to keep the door securely locked. A quality deadbolt lock must have at least a one-inch throw (the piece that locks the door) and be made of steel.

Strike plates are also necessary for security when it comes to the front door. This metal plate is what the deadbolt slides into. For additional security, homeowners can choose to install a reinforced strike plate that has longer screws making it more difficult to break.

For smart homeowners, consider additional security measures like smart ring bells, cameras and for those who don’t want to get techy with it consider a peephole so you can see who is at your door even if it’s just the pizza delivery guy.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficient front doors can help regulate the temperature within the home, which may help lower electric bills and provide a more comfortable environment. These are three key things to look for when it comes to energy efficiency when purchasing a new front door for your home.

Insulation is key when it comes to energy efficiency. Especially for those who live in climates with extreme temperatures like Arizona. Fiberglass and steel doors often have insulated cores that can keep out the heat of the summer and cold of winter. Wood doors can be equipped with insulation to improve on the energy efficiency, but these often cost much more.

Weatherstripping around the door helps keep out the air and prevents drafts. Ensure the door you purchase comes with durable and high-quality weatherstripping to make sure air doesn’t seep into the home.

Always check the energy star rating of the door. Just like most major appliances, doors come with an energy efficient star rating. These doors have been tested to meet the most stringent of energy efficiency ratings. Energy star rated doors will provide you with the highest quality door possible when it comes to lowering energy consumption within the home.

Understanding and focusing on these three key areas will help you make a more informed decision when purchasing a new front door for your home. Choosing the right door will provide added security, contribute to lowering your electric bill and let’s not forget will make the entrance of your home look better. All these components make it a good idea to consider purchasing a new front door, especially if you live in an older home, as it is a worthy investment for the property.

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