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Mattachione: Wear a red ribbon to protest two-tiered justice system


Rhonda Mattachione, candidate for Board of Supervisors, District 5, my wife, and I created the “Red Ribbon USA,” which is just a simple easy way to protest the two-tiered justice system that has manifested itself with the current un-American ideology that stifles freedom of speech and our right to a fair election.

We have seen the two-tiered justice system exposed today mushroom from the closet because it has been in existence for decades in our Republic; however, the extreme measures have increased to the point of a weaponized fourth branch of government that ignores our constitutional rights to freely criticize the government and the realization that we are losing our individual freedoms daily.

So, we encourage all to wear red ribbons on their clothing, place ribbons on mailboxes, gates, cars, etc., where these red ribbons are visible and carry a message of resistance to the disrespect of our freedom to say “No.”

We feel this is a safe way to show our unity and our disgust to those supporting mandates and “lawfare” against our freedom of speech and individual liberties. We can still peacefully protest in this manner today without being arrested and thrown in jail without a bond in a stalag like we see with the J6 political prisoners.

So, let’s stand and spread the word and visually say “No.” There is a movement in Arizona to persecute those challenging our election process flaws and these folks want to sell the illusion that elections are not flawed and the counts are accurate. We are seeing violations of law being completely ignored in our legal systems and we all know elections should be our number 1 priority. If our elections are not our priority than we have no Republic.

We have citizens being persecuted for criticizing the process and being charged with ridiculous legal arguments that are political and overtly interfere with our election process. Yet, what can we do?

Proudly pin a red ribbon on your clothing and explain to those who inquire that you disapprove of the two-tiered justice system and the election interference.

For all who know Rhonda and I, we are strong supporters of our POTUS Trump; however, we are also strong supporters on our American way of life. We may not agree on specifics, however, that is the American nature and these disagreements are always set aside by true Americans to challenge anyone impeding on our rights to freedom.

So our prayer today is stand in the best manner that you feel comfortable and let’s visually say “No” to government overreach and weaponized “lawfare” for those on both sides of the political spectrum.

Never forget. There are many who stood in many battles to fight for us to remain free. We need to stand for our blood and treasure because they only stand today through our thoughts and actions.

Red Ribbon USA, carry the message, buy your own ribbons and visually say no. If it does not work, we will refund your misery.