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House: Former supervisor worked to keep Mining Camp restaurant


This is in response to a letter to the editor rebuttal from last month (“Opinion was full of misinformation, contradictions” on page 12 of the June 2024 issue). Supervisor Serdy claimed the former supervisor (Todd House) didn’t help the Mining Camp restaurant. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Supervisor Serdy was not included in the talks between the county and the Mining Camp restaurant as I, Todd House, was that supervisor at the time.

After the fire, the county decided that the Mining Camp could rebuild. The owners were given a deadline of a year to start the building process. I informed the owner that day and he was happy to hear he could rebuild. During the year I check with county to see if papers/permits had been filed. Nothing was submitted by the Mining Camp owners, and in the final week I made an exemption, all the owners had to do is file the paperwork to proceed.

FYI, when Supervisor Serdy was mayor of Apache Junction, Jeff and Christi Rizzi and Robert Schroeder and Chip Wilson all went to Mo at the Hitching Post and negotiated a verbal agreement. If Mo dropped the lawsuit against the city, that the city would drop the two zoning charges, and the 16 criminal charges against the Hitching Post. Mo went forward and dropped the lawsuit, he checked back with Mayor Serdy and was advised they were not going to drop anything against the Hitching Post. Mo spent almost a half million dollars fighting the city. Like the old Chinese proverb he who lives in a glass house should not throw stones.

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