Graton: Decision to decrease Superstition Boulevard lanes should be made by voters


In response to "Apache Junction transportation plan wins award" --- Did it not take years to finally improve Superstition Boulevard to increase the number of lanes to what it is today?

The study done in May saying 6,000 vehicles travel per day. Why was the study done in May? Our winter visitors had already returned to their home states by May.

Also, did the study show how many pedestrians, bicycles or horses travel that route? No mention was made of them.

Personally, I have lived in Apache Junction since 1995 and in total of all of these years I have seen less than 100 horses on Superstition Boulevard.

Perhaps the decision to decrease the lanes or leave them as is should be left up to the public who will be impacted by the change. A vote instead of just our City Council making the decision for us.

Lynn Graton
Apache Junction